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Real Estate Legal Instruments - Deed, Mortgage and Lease
There is no question about it that people are more familiar with Real Estate than any other product or commodity.
These transactions involve either renting, selling or borrowing against the real estate. To conduct these transactions, there are primarily three kind of legal instruments; they are more particularly described as Deed, [...]

The Types of Real Estate Contracts and the Basic Legal Requirements
Types of Contracts
The real estate contracts can be of two types, unilateral and bilateral contract. The unilateral contracts are those in which the seller has agreed to sell his property but the buyer has not agreed to buy the property and still have an option to buy the property or look for another best option. [...]

Legal Forms For Buying and Selling Real Estate Properties
A contract to sell is one of the legal forms commonly used. Contract sell, just like any other legal forms should be made and executed by and between the seller or the vendor and the buyer or the vended. Just like any other legal forms, the name, age, status, citizenship and postal address of both contracting parties should be stated therein and should clearly define who are the vendor and the vended. [...]

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